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"I've spent my entire life keeping that monster caged - the one whose strength I'm afraid to find out - because its wrath would be absolutely scary...I don't know, maybe the road is me running from it."

Sasquatch learned all things by
taking all things

a   p   a   r   t 

Excepting for



Dare not we put

feeling to scrutiny

instead we inherit 

the homes of those


Who dwelled before

left their platelets to us
as dishes in the sinks 

of that which they bequeathed to us 


Homes that never underwent

never were taken apart


never were turned over

in our hands


Purchased sight unseen

lauded as flawless



We know better to know

there is no home which does not 

require repairing



of rust and mold, asbestos


of floorboards, porches where 

rocking chairs 

left ruts in wood


We know better to know

home requires the toil of examination

reparations must be granted

to pass it lesser spoiled

from bloodline to brethren

a new generation


It is time

for reparations

It is time
high and past

to address sins that asked silence

of generations too long in pain

too long begging

for action against violence 

Suffered by generations
bearing a heavy weight—worse


a heavy wait

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