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"If I was born in the 1920s I'd be a speakeasy gangster. If I was born in the 1820s, a mountain man. No, wait...I'd be a pirate. Either way, I’d want to be portrayed as the hero. Not the villain.

...Nah, I'd just want to be portrayed like me - a guy thoroughly enjoying life, doing what he can with what he’s got.”


A friend once told me a story

about a philosophy professor whose final exam

consisted of him placing a rock on his desk


“Convince me this rock doesn’t exist”

The professor sat down as a student got up

placed his exam next to its subject

and left

Others to their fidgety hands, expansive missives

a collective question
what truth could be written 

what could be so convincing

the rock is all in our head


“What rock?”

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